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Why VirtualSellingX™

How to Get Buyers Chasing You

Why VirtualSellingX™

Design High Value Content.
Deliver High Value Experiences.
VirtualSellingX™ works to Get Buyers Chasing You by enabling Expert Sellers to deliver the high value content of Curated Expertise, through the high value experience of the Expert Buying Experience™.
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Solve Big Problems


The Not-Enough Problem

"Not-Enough" is not enough.
Not-Enough sales are being made, because Not-Enough Buyers have learned why your solution is the best solution to their problem, because Not-Enough Buyers will let you tell them, because Not-Enough Buyers like the experience they get from your sales effort.

The Buyer QUITs

Buyers vanish.
The Buyer is always ready to QUIT. To Question Usefulness, Interest, or Truth (QUIT). Identifying an Apparently Inferior Option is easy, and happens once the Buyer follows a conscious doubt concerning the practicality, significance, or validity of the expertise, and/or the experience which delivers it; and limits, slows down or stops consideration altogether.


Triggering Buyer Resistance.
Salespeople Transmit Opposing Priorities (STOP) when they are pushing an objective the Buyer doesn't have (close the deal) in a way the Buyer doesn't like (Default Sales Approach) causing the Buyer to limit, slow down or stop consideration altogether.

The Sales-centric Lie

Ignoring the Buyer Experience.
The Sales-centric Lie is the delusion that sales-centric strategy and technique, technology and automation, will compensate for delivering a Buying Experience the Buyer hates. The Sales-centric Lie forces salespeople to Hyper-Spam the Buyer; a STOP that triggers Buyers to QUIT. And when Salespeople Transmit Opposing Priorities (STOP) long enough and hard enough, their poor results bring on Sales Burn-out. Sales Burnout is the breakdown in the willingness and or ability of the salesperson to carry out activities which the Buyer rejects, and which the salesperson themselves know to be of zero value to that Buyer. Which is why SDR's, the front line labor forced to deliver the toxic sales-centric experience to the Buyer, have the highest attrition rate in the profession.

The @Scale Paradox

If the Buyer Hates It, Why Automate It?
The last decade has seen the sales profession take a massive lurch towards technology and automation. The rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning is only accelerating the trend to do everything at scale. SaaS productization of the sales effort has redefined what selling is to most salespeople. Sales now treats the Buyer as mere accessory to their sale. A target to be hyper-spammed into giving consideration, and demo'd into handing over their money so sales can make their number. Simultaneously, the Buyer has assumed total actual control of the sale. Deploying counter-measures to the @Scale approach. Limiting access. Demanding proof. Making it harder than ever to sell anything at all.

Get Buyers Chasing You

Get Customers Chasing You™

It's Practical

Why you want to Get Buyers Chasing You
If the Buyer wanted to hear from you, liked your emails, loved your meetings, would you have any problems selling? How about even having the Buyer call you, email you, ask to meet with you? Get Buyers Chasing You works because Expert Sellers are selling how the Buyer wants to buy, not trying to push them through their sales process. So Buyers see their value and pull them through their buying journey. It enables Expert Sellers to sell more, a lot more. To quit doing what doesn't work, assume a position of value to their Buyers, and pick up proper professional pride in their performance and profession.

Why it Works

The Buyer is Already Chasing.
The Buyer is already chasing expertise. Decision-makers are hired, retained, paid and rewarded for their ability to find solutions to big, complex, problems for their companies. Not just any expertise. But expertise in the best solution to the problem. The Clearly Superior Alternative amongst several alternatives. Identifying before buying. Proving before purchasing. The key to their success is in acquiring expertise and curating that expertise for their specific problem. Expertise is what they need. Expertise is what they value. Expertise is what they are always chasing. The Expert Seller who delivers Curated Expertise to the Buyer, in an experience the Buyer wants to have, becomes an instant source of value worth chasing.

It's Real

What it means to Get Buyers Chasing You.
Buyers are always doing one of two things. The first is chasing expertise to learn which solution is the best solution to their problems. The second is defending their ability to chase expertise to solve their problems by protecting their time from being wasted by distractions. When Buyers recognize the Expert Seller as a Clearly Superior Alternative Candidate, they start pursuing them. They chase them, like they do anything of value, until they know them as the Clearly Superior Alternative, or until the Buyer sees them as an Apparently Inferior Option and dismiss them from further consideration. Either way, once they recognize high value expertise, the chase is on.

How Buyers Decide to Chase

The Probable Incremental Value test.
The Buyer's constant question: Is the value of what I am receiving worth the cost I spend to consider it? They can't chase everything. A huge part of success is in the Buyer's ability to chase the right expertise. And ruthlessly block everything else. When the Buyer gives their consideration to a solution, they give it in small allotments of time. Incremental Consideration is the contemplation given by the Buyer to any offer of information. 30 seconds to read an email. 30 minutes for a meeting. 30 hours for a full Buying Experience. Nothing can be sold without consideration. And consideration is a cost the Buyer has to be willing to pay. Incremental Value is the benefit received by the Buyer in return for their Incremental Consideration. What can they do now that they couldn't before? Whether they continue to give consideration is dependent upon the value they got. Probable Incremental Value is the level to which the Buyer believes the benefits to be received from further Incremental Consideration are worth the costs to give it. Probable Incremental Value is equal to the Incremental Value divided by the cost of the Incremental Consideration. Pass this test, you get consideration. Fail it, you don’t.

How to Make it Happen

Offer Value before Asking for Anything.
The only way to Get Buyers Chasing You is to pass the Probable Incremental Value test. The first time. The second time. Every time. Expert Sellers must justify the Incremental Value of every request for Incremental Consideration. Not just once. Not just upfront. But at every point in the Buying Experience. Overdeliver. Increase the Incremental Value of what you have to offer. Curating expertise for this particular Buyer at this point in time. Decrease the cost of Incremental Consideration. Reduce the amount of time and effort the Buyer must pay to consume the offer of Incremental Value. VirtualSellingX™ combines them both. VirtualSellingX™ enables the Expert Seller to deliver the expertise the Buyer needs in an experience the Buyer wants. We call it the Expert Buying Experience™. That is how to Get Buyers Chasing You.

Based on Fact


Buyers Buy Once they Learn

Never before, and not too long after.
Once the Buyer learns why yours is the best solution to their problem, they buy it. Once they LEARN. Not once they have been spammed, cold called, demo'd. Not once they have been closed, closed again, given a discount and closed. AGAIN. But once THEY learn. Once the Buyer learns why your solution is the best solution to their problem, they buy it. Learn. It. Is. Best. For their specific problem. As a matter of fact, once they learn this, you cannot STOP them from buying it. Today's competitive Buyer will forcefully insist on buying it once they learn it is the best solution to their problem.

Selling Defined

The only reason they need you.
Selling is helping the Buyer learn why yours is the best solution to their problem until they do. Curating Expertise for the Buyer to learn how your solution solves their specific problem at this point in time. Nothing more. But absolutely nothing less.

The Expert Buying Experience™

Enable their purchase, to enable your sale.
The best way of helping the Buyer to learn why yours is the best solution to their problem until they do is to keep them wanting to learn by serving them the buying experience they prefer. The Expert Buying Experience™ is a significantly upgraded Buying Experience for the Buyer, ensuring a Buyer-Wins Outcome. It delivers the Curated Expertise from the Expert Seller which the Buyer demands, while allowing them to learn at the pace they prefer. The Expert Buying Experience™ acknowledges that the Buyer will base much of the value of what they learn on the quality of the experience they had in learning that information. Therefore, it begins and continues at Buyer discretion. It is learning-centric and characterized by high value Curated Expertise delivered in Accelerated Cognition. It concludes when the Buyer learns why a solution is the best solution to their problem with a decision to buy or not to buy being made freely, without pressure or impediment.

We Train You to
Get Buyers Chasing You™ 

We Train You

Achieve Results

The Buyer-Wins Outcome.
Passing the Buyer's test means answering the Buyer's constant question: Is the value of what I am receiving worth the cost to spend in considering it? Passing this test is easy when they don't even ask the question. When they are so engrossed with the quality of your content and the experience of consuming it, that they forget everything except the value they are getting. The Buyer begins only to think about The Cost of Living Without You™. This is a Buyer-Wins Outcome; when the Buyer is aware of receiving much more value from the experience than the costs in time and consideration to have it. This is the type of outcome that achieves results. This is what the Expert Buying Experience™ does, and what VirtualSellingX™ Sales Training delivers.

Design High Value Content

Curated Expertise.
Personalization is not High Value Content. Personalization is a SaaS tactic to encourage salespeople to conduct generic approaches at scale; an approach which attempts to trick the Buyer into giving consideration to non-curated information. Personalization is a product of The Sales-centric Lie and the Buyer sees right through it. Curated Expertise is specialized solution knowledge filtered, organized, and customized for the specific Buyer and especially for the problem the Buyer is interested in solving. It is High Value Content designed for This Particular Buyer at This Point in Time. It is focused on helping the Buyer learn why your solution is the best solution to the Buyer's problem, based on where the Buyer is currently in their business, in their learning journey and in their Buying Experience. The majority of salespeople have no idea where to begin. VirtualSellingX™ Sales Training has you covered.

Deliver High Value Experiences

The Expert Buying Experience™.
The Expert Buying Experience™ puts the solution expertise the Buyer is looking for front and center. It equips the Expert Seller to sell the way the Buyer wants to buy, to deliver a buying experience in which the Buyer is more aware of the value from the experience, than the costs in time and consideration to have it. A white-glove, high value buying experience infused with and dominated by solution expertise curated for their specific problem, the Expert Buying Experience™ gives the Buyer incentive to pull the Expert Seller through their buying process, as a trusted and valuable resource to solving the Buyers specific problem. VirtualSellingX™ Sales Training is the only solution available to train Expert Sellers in delivering the Expert Buying Experience™.

Strong Foundations


The Buyer is Remote

Remote Work is Popular
Commercial real estate is nowhere near recovered to pre-pandemic levels. Many people with the choice prefer the flexibility of remote work. This includes the high-level decision-makers Expert Sellers need to engage with. The strongest strategy to do so must include selling to these decision-makers virtually.

Logistical Freedom

Triple your Available Time to Sell.
Sell from anywhere to anyone, anywhere. A massive benefit, given that no travel can increase Available Time to Sell by 200% over driving and 1,000% over flying. It means unrestricted access to the Buyer who is working remotely. Now the Expert Seller can easily meet with the Buyer, meet again with the Buyer and again with the Buyer. It is easy to add other decision-makers and personnel to the meeting. It enables small and medium sized businesses to compete against Goliath competitors with their huge travel budgets.

Buyer Preference

The Buyer prefers virtual selling.
The Buyer actually wants to meet virtually. They want to meet in their Own Private Workspace, the space they configured to their own preferences and to optimize their ability to perform much or all of their analytical, deep think, decision-making and communication and where they spend much of their time. It's the space where the Buyer learns what they need to learn to better run their business. So it's the ideal place for them to learn why your solution is the best solution to their problem.

Buyer-consented Recording

Total automatic insight.
The Buyer-consented recording is an inherent advantage of virtual selling which automatically secures the permission of the Buyer to create a recorded video file and transcript of the virtual meeting, eliminating the need for the salesperson to take notes and providing a perfect record of what the Buyer wants. Expert Sellers are now able to listen to everything the Buyer is saying. And to have a complete transcript of notes as to what the Buyer said to review, study, and share.

Process-Driven Success


Now You Have a Map

Detailed enough to work. Simple enough to use.
The VirtualSellingX™ Practices, Methods, and Actions Framework has 7 Practices to Deliver the Expert Buying Experience™. Everything needed for the Expert Seller to deliver the Expert Buying Experience™ to today's demanding, and informed Buyer. A process to test, learn, and use. But we didn’t stop there. We made the system accessible to busy Expert Sellers who once trained, can recall and implement the process efficiently and effectively.

You Got This

Being Expert was never so Easy.
Term Precision is the approach we took to compose Virtual Selling for Experts. We followed the path of identifying what matters. On building a model that related to itself. A model that explained what happens in selling. In buying. On the impulse and motivations of the Buyer. Their responses to the Seller. Want to know what GETBACK™ does? It empowers the Expert Seller to get back in front of a hard to engage Buyer. Guess what GETIN™ enables the Expert Seller to do? Or OPEN GATE™? Want to know what AGREE™ encourages the Buyer to do? Or what subject LIVEAction™ covers? Guess what NEARNESS™ does for the remote Expert Seller? Or what HOMEWORK™ is about? What OVERWHELM™ does for meeting preparation? Or INFORM™? What could CLIENT™ be about? Guess what TAKEOVER™ does? Or what effect ENTERTAINER™ might have on the Buyer? Take a wild guess what STORY™ helps the Expert Seller deliver. We built this model so an Expert Seller can apply it to their own specific situation. No sales methodology ever designed has the VirtualSellingX™ level of completeness matched with total accessibility. It has never been so easy to deliver the expertise the Buyer demands. But we didn't stop there.

Sweep or Deep

Total flexibility.
We made it flexible so that the Expert Seller could use it with any particular Buyer at any point in time. We call it Sweep or Deep. The structure of the VirtualSellingX™ Framework enables the Expert Seller to choose to use the Practices, Methods, and Actions to skim the surface (Sweep) or as a deep dive project plan (Deep) for delivering the Expert Buying Experience™.

Only with VirtualSellingX™

Get Awesome

The Buyer's Own Words™

The truth about what's important.
An engaged Buyer will speak 5,000 words in a one hour meeting. Sometimes at 200 words per minute. That's well over 20 pages of content. What do you do with them? Most salespeople report their recollection, their memory, of the highlights of those words. And discard the rest. The Buyer's Own Words™ are the actual words of the Buyer spoken in response to the Expert Buying Experience™ delivered by the Expert Seller, not your typical sales call exchange, and captured in the Buyer-consented recording. And more than words spoken in a typical sales scenario, these words are of extreme high value, as they contain detailed Buyer preferences, articulated carefully and precisely, being intentionally prompted, nurtured, and leveraged by the Expert Seller, who delivers the Expert Buying Experience™ through the 7 Practices of VirtualSellingX™. VirtualSellingX™ puts the Buyer's Own Words™ at the center of the sales effort and as the source of truth, and foundation for the creation of a Clearly Superior Alternative, and delivery to the Buyer of the Expert Buying Experience™.

Hear and Understand Everything

To Get Buyers Chasing You
Listen Precisely means hearing everything the Buyer says through the Buyer's Own Words™. Understand Completely means using the Buyer's Own Words™, the Expert Seller can review them, study them and fully comprehend what the Buyer is saying, all in a state of Accelerated Cognition. Having the ability to hear and understand everything puts the Expert Seller in the strongest possible position to deliver the Expert Buying Experience™ the Buyer demands. And Get Buyers Chasing You.

Buyer Slipstream Effect

When Buyers chase you.
Every Expert Seller's dream come true. The Buyer Slipstream Effect™ is when the Buyer is trying to get to the same place you want to go, and actively USES you to get there. The Buyer Slipstream Effect™ is created by the Buyer's conditioned response to receiving the Expert Buying Experience™. This Buyer response is to recognize the Expert Seller as a Mission Partner, and use them as a valuable resource in their buying journey. The Buyer initiates next steps, or is highly receptive to them when suggested by the Expert Seller. The Expert Seller experiences a sales effort characterized by being pulled into and through the Buyer buying process, rather than having to push a reluctant Buyer through a sales process.
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