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Design High Value Content

Curated Expertise.
Design High Value Content
Personalization is not High Value Content.

Personalization is a SaaS tactic to encourage salespeople to conduct generic approaches at scale; an approach which attempts to trick the Buyer into giving consideration to non-curated information.

Personalization is a product of The Sales-centric Lie and the Buyer sees right through it.

Curated Expertise is specialized solution knowledge filtered, organized, and customized for the specific Buyer and especially for the problem the Buyer is interested in solving.

It is High Value Content designed for This Particular Buyer at This Point in Time.

It is focused on helping the Buyer learn why your solution is the best solution to the Buyer's problem, based on where the Buyer is currently in their business, in their learning journey and in their Buying Experience.

The majority of salespeople have no idea where to begin.

VirtualSellingX™ Sales Training has you covered.
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