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The Sales-centric Lie

Ignoring the Buyer Experience.
The Sales-centric Lie
The Sales-centric Lie is the delusion that sales-centric strategy and technique, technology and automation, will compensate for delivering a Buying Experience the Buyer hates.

The Sales-centric Lie forces salespeople to Hyper-Spam the Buyer; a STOP that triggers Buyers to QUIT. And when Salespeople Transmit Opposing Priorities (STOP) long enough and hard enough, their poor results bring on Sales Burn-out.

Sales Burnout is the breakdown in the willingness and or ability of the salesperson to carry out activities which the Buyer rejects, and which the salesperson themselves know to be of zero value to that Buyer.

Which is why SDR's, the front line labor forced to deliver the toxic sales-centric experience to the Buyer, have the highest attrition rate in the profession.
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