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Accelerated Ideation

Solutions emerge at exponential speed.

Accelerated Ideation

The Clearly Superior Alternative emerges faster than ever before. The processes that drive innovation and ideation are exponentially enabled in a state of Accelerated Cognition. And the Buyer is not going backwards, only forwards. Accelerated Ideation is the VirtualSellingX™ VIRTUAL™ Principle that the Buyer expects the Clearly Superior Alternative is made evident through articulation and refining of multiple attractive ideas and options. And that meetings will deliver Incremental Value through a combination of Accelerated Collaboration and Accelerated Curation, all in a state of Accelerated Cognition with Instant Point Clarity and Constant Point Clarity.
Accelerated Curation
Thinking on your feet.
Accelerated Curation is the capability to curate expertise effectively and rapidly in a state of Accelerated Cognition. Expert Sellers come to the meeting ready to engage the Buyer in a high value learning experience. Part of that experience involves the questions which assist the Expert Seller in Accelerated Curation of their expertise, live, on the spot. Questions created in preparation for the meeting and conceived as part of their Buyer-Wins Investment.
Accelerated Collaboration
The mutual lightbulb.
Accelerated Collaboration is the constraint-free, high speed exchange of information between two or more people in a state of Accelerated Cognition. The Buyer loves Accelerated Collaboration, and is consistently thrilled to engage with the Expert Seller in it. Thrilled because of the high level of Incremental Value they are gaining, due to the Expert Seller's delivery of Curated Expertise in a state of Accelerated Cognition.
Constant Value Calculator
The meter is always running.
Constant Value Calculator is the Buyer's nonstop decision-making in a state of Accelerated Cognition. Deciding to remain in or exit a Consideration Posture. The Constant Value Calculator is the action of making micro estimates of the value of each passing instant and of the value from continuing the meeting. If the Buyer is not being constantly fascinated, the Early Exit Incentive is ever present as is the Click Off Response. Only value keeps them in the meeting, and that value must flow every second, because every second is magnified in a state of Accelerated Cognition.
Instant Point Clarity
This makes sense.
Instant Point Clarity means that any granular piece of information, text, slide, video, image, is easily and immediately understandable as to how it relates to the Buyer's learning experience. Instant Point Clarity is the means by which the Buyer is able to perceive that value is present, right now, through their Constant Value Calculator.
Constant Point Clarity
Everything makes sense.
Constant Point Clarity is when Instant Point Clarity occurs steadily and at high frequency throughout the content. When the content continues to be both intuitive and logical in sequence and context. The Buyer's Hyper-Aware Interest Level (HAIL) confirms that this content is, has been, and continues to be good. Remaining in Consideration Posture and in the meeting is worth it, because Incremental Value is being achieved.
Compressed Value
The foundation for Accelerated Ideation.
Compressed Value is a high volume of relevant information created to enable immediate understanding being intentionally designed, formatted and arranged for value, structure, and relevance. The Buyer's experience of a number of ideas within their own mind, stimulated or triggered by the Expert Seller's presentation of Compressed Value in a State of Accelerated Cognition, is Accelerated Ideation.
Accelerated Incremental Value
The next step is guaranteed.
Accelerated Incremental Value is when the immediate benefit received by the Buyer promptly exceeds the cost of their Incremental Consideration. The Buyer scheduled 30 minutes for the meeting, and learns all they had hoped to in 10 minutes. When Accelerated Incremental Value is achieved, the Expert Seller will certainly experience the VirtualSellingX™ Slipstream Effect™ as the Buyer will either easily accept the next step, or suggest it themselves.

Deliver VIRTUAL™ with SELLING™

How to achieve VIRTUAL™ Accelerated Ideation
with SELLING™, the 7 Practices of the Expert Buying Experience™
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