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Who we are.

About Us

Virtual Selling Sales Training Company
We are a sales training company 100% focused on helping Expert Sellers solve the biggest problem in sales today. You will gain expertise in getting the Incremental Consideration you need at every step of your Buyer's buying journey while giving the Curated Expertise your Buyer demands all through the Expert Buying Experience™ that delivers both. Our professional selling solution, VirtualSellingX™, is built in and for virtual selling for the Industrial Seller. Why the name VirtualSellingX™? Because virtual selling is the means by which the Expert Seller delivers the Expert Buying Experience™ the Buyer wants.​ Wondering why your Buyer loves it? They get the high value content curated for their specific problem in a high value experience that reduces the time and cost of solving their problem so they can serve their Customers better today than yesterday! VirtualSellingX™ is detailed enough to work and simple enough to use. We developed VirtualSellingX™ using the Inherent Advantages of virtual selling with our Buyer-Wins Outcome, Process-Driven, and Data-Informed approach. The VirtualSellingX™ Practices, Methods, and Actions Framework offers everything needed for the Expert Seller to deliver the Expert Buying Experience™ to today's demanding and informed Buyer. A process to test, learn, and use. But we didn’t stop there. We made the system accessible to busy Expert Sellers who, once trained, can recall and implement the process efficiently and effectively. Term Precision is the approach we took to compose Virtual Selling for Experts. We followed the path of identifying what matters. On building a model that related to itself. A model that explained what happens in selling. In buying. On the impulse and motivations of the Buyer. Their responses to the Seller. We built VirtualSellingX™ so an Expert Seller can apply it to their own specific situation. No sales methodology ever designed has the VirtualSellingX™ level of completeness matched with total accessibility. It has never been so easy to deliver the expertise the Buyer demands. But we had to add more. Total flexibility. We made it flexible so that the Expert Seller could use it not only with any particular Buyer but at any point in time. We call it Sweep or Deep. The structure of the VirtualSellingX™ Framework enables the Expert Seller to choose to use the Practices, Methods, and Actions to skim the surface (Sweep) or as a deep dive project plan (Deep) for delivering the Expert Buying Experience™. We display the full framework of our sales training methodology to members of our VirtualSellingX™ Community. Please let us know if we can assist you, and thank you for your valuable consideration. Happy Selling!

Ann Leveille

CEO, Co-Founder
Today, the Global Digital Transformation is upon us and has changed many aspects of the Buyer buying journey. The Buyer-Wins Investment I have been dedicated to throughout my career is even more important today. My success formula is not complex. It is simply to ensure the Buyer-Wins Outcome. Top performance in every industry I served, from manufacturing and finance to information technology, in highly competitive markets from San Francisco, Kansas City, and Chicago to Dallas, Boston, and New York City, proved my formula could be applied across a variety of industries, buyers, and culturally different geographic locations. Learning about what the Buyer is trying to accomplish and then designing a clearly superior solution to help them achieve it is a staple of my success formula that has not changed with time and is one the Buyer desperately needs today. The Buyer needs a Mission Partner. As your Mission Partner, I work to ensure the Buyer-Wins Outcome is present in each of the VirtualSellingX™ sales training solutions we offer. As you learn and apply our solutions, your Buyer will be so engrossed with the quality of your content and the experience of consuming it that they will forget everything except the value they are getting. Your Buyer begins only to think about the cost of living without you. ✨
Kevin says of Ann:
"From the first time I met her right through to today, she is the single greatest Sales Professional I have ever known. Her sales performance was always higher than her peers by double digits, and the reason why is the best part. Her dedication to serving the Buyer, identifying the problem they were trying to solve as well as the problem they didn’t know they had. Finally, in designing a solution that solved for everything and presenting it as a Clearly Superior Alternative."

Kevin Leveille

CSO, Co-Founder
I grew up in an industrial town in Western New England. As soon as I was of age, I began working in industry, including an aluminum and brass foundry, a commercial printing factory, sanitation and disposal, and two paper products manufacturers. When I started selling over 30 years ago, I sold to the industrial base including the plastics industry, injection molding, aviation manufacturing, defense manufacturers, and metal fabrication. I became a big fan of repeatable process; it’s how I became a top sales performer before founding my first company. My love of sales methodology made it a natural fit for me to become a sales trainer. I've trained sales teams at Siemens Energy, Bennett International Group, Landair Transport, Barnhart Crane, Rohm Products of America, DiversiTech, WEG Electric, G & W Equipment, JIT Toyota-Lift, Ogden Forklifts, Southeast Industrial Equipment, Thompson Lift Truck Company, US Materials Handling, Wesley International’s Pack Mule, Wolter Group, Sidney Lee Welding Supply, Air and Hydraulic Equipment, Kaufman Company, Benise-Dowling & Associates, CC Jensen, C&C Fence, DMC, GenSpring Power, Jack Pittman & Associates, Mark C Pope, Sunbelt Displays, Thermal Recovery Systems, and Sysco. I love to help motivated Sellers find new ways of solving their Buyer's problems.
Ann says of Kevin:
"Kevin is the first person ever to understand how I think about the Buyer and make it scalable for normal Sellers. Understanding how and why a top Seller is effective, then compiling a framework that makes the approaches accessible to all performance levels on the team. He is a genius in designing sales methodologies and training platforms that transform existing team approaches to help them knock the numbers out of the park."
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