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Driver 1
Curating Expertise is Survival

The Race for Success.

Driver 1: Curating Expertise is Survival

Curating Expertise is Survival: Driver 1 of the 4 Drivers of the Expert Buying Experience™ reveals the Buyer's race to Survive; Who the Buyer is and What they are trying to accomplish; the Competitive Cliff and how improving services to the Buyer is the only way to survive it; how remaining in constant pursuit of the Clearly Superior Alternative means the Clearly Superior Alternative Mandate drives every purchase decision; why Curating Expertise is a Competitive Advantage; why chasing Curating Expertise is the only way to acquire it first, before competitors do, to apply it as a competitive advantage.

Who is the Buyer

Smart, Competitive, Trusted and on a Mission.

The Competitive Cliff

Grow or Die, there's no third direction.

Clearly Superior Alternative Mandate

Pick the best to be the best.

Curating Expertise as Competitive Advantage

Survival is a function of Curating Expertise.

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