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The Methodology

7 Practices to Deliver the Expert Buying Experience™


7 Practices for Sellers to Make It Easy for the Buyer to Say Yes.
The Buyer wants High Value Content in High Value Experiences. They want Curated Expertise in the Expert Buying Experience™. The VirtualSellingX™ Practices, Methods, and Actions Framework enables the Expert Seller to accomplish this, and to do so efficiently and effectively. SELLING™ is the 7 VirtualSellingX™ Practices which deliver the Expert Buying Experience™. SHOWCASE™, ENDEARMENT™, LIVEAction™, LOGICAL™, InterSelling™, NEARNESS™, and GENERATE™. They work by combining the fundamentals of Message Design and Message Delivery, with Meeting Design and Meeting Delivery. They leverage the inherent advantages of virtual selling: Logistical Freedom, Buyer Preference and Buyer-consented recordings. And they allow for placing the Buyer's Own Words™ at the center of the sales effort. This enables the Expert Seller to do the previously impossible; to Listen Precisely, and Understand Completely, to deliver an Awesome Message Every Time in the Right Strategy Every Time; To Maintain a Constant Value Presence to sell as much outside the meeting as in it, and sell more inside the meeting than ever. All of these 7 Practices work to trigger the VirtualSellingX™ Slipstream Effect to sell more and sell faster, in the best way possible. By selling how the Buyer wants to buy.


Practice 1

How to Design Any Meeting.

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Practice 2

How to Sell in Micro-Stages.

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Practice 3

How to Deliver Awesome Meetings.

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Practice 4

How to Design Messages.

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Practice 5

How to Sell Between Meetings.

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Practice 6

How to Overcome Remoteness.

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Practice 7

How to Supercharge Your Selling.

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