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The Methodology

7 Practices to Deliver the Expert Buying Experience™


Plus 58 Methods and 328 Actions to Get Buyers Chasing You™.
The Buyer wants High Value Content in High Value Experiences. They want Curated Expertise in the Expert Buying Experience™. The VirtualSellingX™ Practices, Methods, and Actions Framework enables the Expert Seller to accomplish this, and to do so efficiently and effectively. SELLING™ is the 7 VirtualSellingX™ Practices which deliver the Expert Buying Experience™. SHOWCASE™, ENDEARMENT™, LIVEAction™, LOGICAL™, InterSelling™, NEARNESS™, and GENERATE™. They work by combining the fundamentals of Message Design and Message Delivery, with Meeting Design and Meeting Delivery. They leverage the inherent advantages of virtual selling: Logistical Freedom, Buyer Preference and Buyer-consented recordings. And they allow for placing the Buyer's Own Words™ at the center of the sales effort. This enables the Expert Seller to do the previously impossible; to Listen Precisely™, and Understand Completely™, to deliver an Awesome Message Every Time™ in the Right Strategy Every Time™; To Maintain a Constant Value Presence™ to sell as much outside the meeting as in it, and sell more inside the meeting than ever. All of these 7 Practices work to trigger the VirtualSellingX™ Slipstream Effect™ to sell more and sell faster, in the best way possible. By selling how the Buyer wants to buy.


Practice 1

How to Design Any Meeting.

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Practice 2

How to Sell in Micro-Stages.

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Practice 3

How to Deliver Awesome Meetings.

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Practice 4

How to Design Messages.

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Practice 5

How to Sell Between Meetings.

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Practice 6

How to Overcome Remoteness.

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Practice 7

How to Supercharge Your Selling.

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