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The Solution

7 Principles of the Expert Buying Experience™


Sell the way the Buyer wants to buy, and they will.
If the Buyer wanted to hear from you, took your calls, responded to your emails, accepted your meetings, would you have any problems selling? How about even having the Buyer seek you out, email you, ask to meet with you? The 4 Drivers of the Expert Buying Experience™ are clear. To survive the Competitive Cliff, the Buyer must choose the Clearly Superior Alternative, adopting Curating Expertise as Competitive Advantage to do it. They need the Expert Seller to deliver expertise they cannot get themselves due to the Private, Proprietary and Perishable Information Barrier. The majority of the sales profession under The Sales-centric Lie imposes the Degraded Buying Experience on the Buyer. This creates the opportunity for you to be the Clearly Superior Alternative by selling how the Buyer wants to buy. It works because you are not trying to push them through your sales process. You are giving them the high value content they need, in the high value experience they want. So they pull you through their buying journey. It's more than possible. It's how to Get Buyers Chasing You™. It's the Expert Buying Experience™. Here's what's in it.

Value Amplification

Principle 1

Selling in Accelerated Cognition.


Principle 2

Being the Mission Partner.


Principle 3

Probable Incremental Value.


Principle 4

The Buyer's Buying Journey.


Principle 5

Learning the way they want.

Accelerated Ideation

Principle 6

Solutions emerge at exponential speed.


Principle 7

The Professional Emotional Tone.
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