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Your name will never be here.
But your experience might.

No Names. Just love.

Seriously, we love our Customers too much to ever let them be subject to the next ai-powered phishing scam.

So we provide no personal names, or titles on this website - nada.

Just the love for VirtualSellingX™ they wanted to share with the world.

"Awesome how the conversations keep tying it back to real life examples."

"Getting Office lighting right was huge"

"Breakouts. Love working with others and getting their prospective of how to use the training tools we are provided. "

"The methodical, hyper analytical aspect of the modules. It has given me a whole new way of looking at the way to sell"

"Appreciate the Comradery with the team in the breakouts"

"I focus more on meeting preparation than I did before and the results are much stronger"

"Loved the collaboration sessions when working on the assignments with my teammates"

"I think it can be very effective--much more than I thought before."

"The training is only a hour long. It fits well into my schedule and isn't a huge commitment. "

"It makes for a great first and ongoing touchpoint"

"Virtual selling offers many benefits such as eliminating costly expenses such as business development travel and office space."

"When you are doing a virtual meeting, creating rapport and trust falls directly in the individual. The training helped me identify and apply a clear process to create those relationships in the virtual environment."

"The constant adaption to our individual and business requirements has been the best part"

"Very professional, right on the point."

"I love it! It is pursuit of sales perfection!"

"Construction of emails to Customers to ensure they are not confrontational."

"Just Looking professionally in a virtual setting"

"Developing an email to internal customers with more substance than I would have before"

"Generating Proof Statements, on recent customer pursuit, helped me to better focus more on what the customer believes to be of value, and less on what I feel they should believe to be true. The proof was in the facts, after applying additional research and principles obtained in the training."

"It also allows us to penetrate new markets easier."

"Kevin is a great trainer, the nature of the concepts and the process prompts questions that need and receive the exploring to bring it all home"

"Virtual selling is a great method to expand your market nationally."

"In an email to a difficult customer I used the training to craft a better message than what I had previously drafted."

"I now have a real good sense of how to act in front of the camera. Specially of what I am not suppose to do!"

"Prior to the training, planning and preparing virtual meetings were performed in the same manner as an "in person" meeting! This new awareness has focused my attention on the details and requirements when planning virtual meetings."

"Team break-outs and exercises that require sometimes diverse ideas from multiple individuals to come together and best complete the task."

"Kevin is thorough, professional and presents well."

"A structured overview on each section followed by breakouts has worked better than I would have anticipated. The teams are more responsive and I have to attribute this to Kevin's credibility on the subject, his empathy and the Nearness he demonstrates"

"Been great to be able to discuss various situations with the team, sharing ideas, etc."

"The play back and discussion after the breakout sessions helps reinforce and put into context what we are trying to learn"

"Kevin is very likeable and professional. He has excellent communication skills and shows up well prepared for each lesson. He has adopted a personal training style that works well"

"The best part so far is using NEARNESS "

"Creating a thought process on how to tackle a new customer has been extremely helpful"

"I like the process for pursuing, planning, and executing online engagements, for the most part."

"Very professional trainer!"

"Virtual Selling will allow us to grow our business more effectively and quickly, resulting in increased sales and revenue."

"Remote discovery sessions are now well planned, with the goal to be performed as a show. Dress rehearsals are norm. Previously the level of planning and thought would have been less. Less on the agenda, less on the show content, less on the user watching / experience."

"The trainer is very polished and professional, and especially handles questions and comments well."

"Greatest sales approach in a century."

"Helps me to do virtually things most of us old dogs have been trained on over numerous years."

"I've had several virtual meetings with customers and the STUDIO preparations as well as the detailed Agenda creating tools have been very useful"

"Preparation is key, and professional virtual presence awareness was not there before the training."

"The interaction during breakouts is key"

"I have enjoyed the breakout sessions and discussing real life projects with my peers"

"My first time interactions with customers in remote presentation at our factory and we were successful with the outcome."

"The training has made me aware of the importance of showing off the Organization to help elevate my "presence" while engaging customers. Before the training I used to rely on current personal relation between sales and the customer contact, now I feel I have the skills to do so virtually. "

"The most important part about selling is about connection and relationships and this takes it to a new level"

"I really like the live Collaboration among my team members."

"I believe that companies that can adapt to virtual selling will have an advantage over their competitors. "

"Very clear, well spoken, not too animated"

"He is a Professional who is interested in helping us to be successful."

"The new approach to selling has been enlightening it is not the same old stuff!"

"Kevin has an incredibly positive and enthusiastic attitude which encourages participation in the discussions."

"Virtual selling allows for more stakeholders to be involved in the decision making process."

"Personally I find the weekly training is truly valuable and can be applied to real life selling:-)"

"Did more research on customer prior to engaging with them for significantly better outcomes than before"

"In essence, my professional impression of virtual selling is that it is a huge time saver."

"Kevin is very personable, listens actively and is encouraging"

"Very personable, extremely helpful. "

"I love it as it gives the strongest value to the Customer at the lowest cost to the Customer. I get to add 200% gains into my available time to sell."

"Kevin does a great Job presenting information in a unique manner to appeal to a well seasoned team. I look forward to the next session every week"

"I wouldn't mind if the sessions were longer with more time for the breakouts"

"Loved how the rapid exercises that bring sense of what was just explained."

"Love the efficiency and it is useful."

"The homework's are helpful for tying things together."

"Truly great seeing examples of how others think"

"Kevin is very knowledgeable on his material. "

"Loved the interaction with the presenter and the others"

"Kevin delivers the training in an easy to understand, yet thought provoking manner. It is extremely well organized to the smallest detail. Kevin is always flexible and accommodating"

"I've used the NEARNESS principle to improve messaging to customers. Previously, I would be much more brief and not in a good way."

"Most enjoyed how It's very much aligned with the current challenges we face when interacting with clients and it encourages us to think differently about our approach to selling."

"The instruction I've received through the training materials has helped bridge the gap between selling virtually, versus face to face "

"The training has helped in strategy thinking - slow down, prepare, and have a plan."

"I now have used NEARNESS when writing customer emails. Before I don't think I captured all the points of NEARNESS in my emails to the customer "

"Really enjoyed the break-out sessions"

"Professional, Engaging, Proficient "

"Huge impact of break out sessions and discussions. "

"Nice to use real examples for training."

"The strategy of doing more digging into customer and competitor information, as a tool, to align better with the opportunity has been extremely helpful."

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