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How Buyers Decide to Chase

The Probable Incremental Value test.
How Buyers Decide to Chase
The Buyer's constant question: Is the value of what I am receiving worth the cost I spend to consider it?

They can't chase everything. A huge part of success is in the Buyer's ability to chase the right expertise. And ruthlessly block everything else.

When the Buyer gives their consideration to a solution, they give it in small allotments of time. Incremental Consideration is the contemplation given by the Buyer to any offer of information.

30 seconds to read an email.
30 minutes for a meeting.
30 hours for a full Buying Experience.

Nothing can be sold without consideration. And consideration is a cost the Buyer has to be willing to pay.

Incremental Value is the benefit received by the Buyer in return for their Incremental Consideration. What can they do now that they couldn't before? Whether they continue to give consideration is dependent upon the value they got.

Probable Incremental Value is the level to which the Buyer believes the benefits to be received from further Incremental Consideration are worth the costs to give it. Probable Incremental Value is equal to the Incremental Value divided by the cost of the Incremental Consideration.

Pass this test, you get consideration. Fail it, you don’t.
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