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The Professional Emotional Tone.


The Love Expectation is the VirtualSellingX™ VIRTUAL™ Principle of the professional emotional tone which the Buyer perceives in the Buying Experience. The Buyer will base much of the value of what they learn on the quality of the experience they had in learning it. They know that the Expert Seller's solution being selected as the Clearly Superior Alternative presents substantial rewards to the Expert Seller. The Buyer expects the Expert Seller to know that the value of the Buyer's consideration is very high, because that Expert Seller understands the Buyer's job requirements, the pressure to survive the Competitive Cliff and the need to fulfill the Clearly Superior Alternative Mandate for their company. So the Buyer expects to observe the Expert Seller's interest in keeping their Incremental Consideration, and the sincerity and pleasure taken in serving them, as a Mission Partner who anticipates, guides, and supports the Buyer's experience.
Professional Pride
Loving what you do.
Loving what you do cannot be faked. It becomes a wellspring that the Buyer can perceive. Delivering the Expert Buying Experience™ to the Buyer becomes in and of itself a feed back into that wellspring. Knowing that the Buyer is getting value is easy; they tend to show you their appreciation, regardless of what sellers under The Sales-centric Lie proclaim. This reflection of Buyer appreciation back to the Expert Seller who practices the Expert Buying Experience™ is guaranteed. So you can go ahead and love what you do in advance, because it is inevitable.
The Buyer-Wins Attitude
The secret to loving what you do.
The Buyer-Wins Attitude is the Expert Seller's conscious decision and effort to deliver a Buyer-Wins Outcome in every effort, to work to help them, with every communication and meeting, to be better off than before receiving the communication. This attitude aids the Expert Seller to do the right thing, to refrain from communicating with the Buyer until the communication warrants the Buyer's time and consideration.
Sales Burn-out
Hating what you do.
It's easy to hate what you do. Hundreds of thousands of SDR's do, and they should. Having a job of sending content which the vast majority of recipients hate receiving, will do that to any normal human being. Sales Burn-out is the breakdown in the willingness and or ability of the salesperson to carry out activities which the Buyer rejects, and which the salesperson themselves know to be of zero value to that Buyer. And Sales Burn-out is inevitable when operating under The Sales-centric Lie. The best way out? Become a Buyer-Wins Investor.
Buyer-Wins Investor
How to keep loving what you do.
The Buyer-Wins Investor is the Expert Seller who has made the commitment and employs the practice of anticipating the future needs of the Buyer, and investing to deliver, or to be ready to deliver that value to the Buyer before the Buyer requests it or even knows they need it. To do much more than personalization, but to actually curate expertise for this particular Buyer at this point in time, for where the Buyer is currently in their business, in their learning journey and in their Buying Experience.

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How to manage VIRTUAL™ Love
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