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Value Amplification

Selling in Accelerated Cognition.

Value Amplification

Gone is the desire to sit in-person with a salesperson and listen to a drip feed verbal description of information at 80-100 words per minute. The Buyer wants Concepts per Minute. The Buyer wants Value Amplification, for the information presented to them to pop, with high impact, in an equivalent 600-1,000 words per minute. They want to buy in a State of Accelerated Cognition. Value Amplification is the VirtualSellingX™ VIRTUAL™ Principle that the Buyer has a strong preference to learn at the same pace they learn everything else via the Information Buying Experience. The Buyer expects to receive the expertise they need from the Expert Seller as Compressed Value in a state of Accelerated Cognition; receiving near-instant value for having considered the incremental content (read email, attended meeting) regardless of, and independent from, whether they purchase, or ever even take another step.
Unconditional Instant Value
Make it worth it.
Unconditional Instant Value means the Buyer receives instant returns for having consumed the incremental content (read email, attended meeting) regardless of and independent of, whether they purchase, or ever even take another step with the provider. If the information requires additional steps to deliver value, then it is information which has cost more to consume than it delivers in value and is not a Buyer-Wins Outcome.
Consideration Posture
Court is in session.
Consideration Posture is the disposition of the Buyer to consume, and especially scrutinize, expertise by giving their time and attention, with an expectant hope of learning why the solution is the best solution to the Buyer's problem. Sales has got it wrong when they focus on attention alone. Consideration is given to expertise that promises to Break Botheration and help the Buyer fulfill their Clearly Superior Alternative Mandate.
Buyer Enthusiasm
Being happy; this is good.
Buyer Enthusiasm is the positive emotional disposition of the Buyer towards the buying experience, as they approach learning why your solution is the best solution to their specific problem. Buyer Enthusiasm is what keeps the Buyer learning why the solution could be their Clearly Superior Alternative. Keeping Buyer Enthusiasm high is the point of Value Amplification.
Gain In Virtual Enthusiasm (GIVE)
And it keeps getting better.
Gain In Virtual Enthusiasm (GIVE) is when the Buyer sustains a conscious increase in their level of enthusiasm for the buying experience, increasing their willingness to continue to engage in, participate in, and support the buying experience. These gains come when the Buyer receives solution expertise curated for their specific problem, with a minimal Botheration, if any.
Decline In Virtual Enthusiasm (DIVE)
Make it stop.
Decline In Virtual Enthusiasm (DIVE) is when the Buyer sustains a conscious drop in their level of enthusiasm for the buying experience, reducing their willingness to continue to engage in, participate in, or support the buying experience. Sales-centric approaches, the Commodity Buying Experience and anything that does not deliver a Buyer-Wins Outcome will trigger a Decline In Virtual Enthusiasm (DIVE).
Know it Now (KIN)
Now is good.
Know it Now (KIN) is the Buyer desire for information which solves a problem, either in whole or in part and once desired, to have that information immediately. A glance at their phone is the The World in the Palm of my Hand Effect; where anything about anything can be learned at any time, all in a state of Accelerated Cognition. The Buyer willingly offers consideration to expertise which is delivered in the same experience.
Preferred Information Format (PIF)
Digital only.
The Buyer's Preferred Information Format (PIF) is Digital so they can experience Accelerated Cognition. Accelerated Cognition for ease of review, sharing, and retrieval. They prefer any valuable information from any phone call, in-person meeting to be in digital format i.e. "put it in writing." Forcing an in-person meeting on the Buyer is to inflict them with the Accelerated Cognition Gap, the In-person Impediments, and the need to convert valuable expertise to a form. Unnecessary steps which Value Amplification averts.
Evident Time Cost
How long?
The duration is one of the most important bits of information on a YouTube® video. Duration is an essential attribute to weigh prior to giving consideration and just as essential to maintaining consideration. The Evident Time Cost is the recognition that Buyers expect to be consistently aware of the amount of time needed to complete their consumption of the content, using items such as timers or progress bars.
Communication Standby
The Buyer must be on high alert and paying attention during any meeting, to be ready to respond and to do so with courtesy and credibility. They are not passively watching a YouTube® video, they are engaged in a live meeting. Adding this pressure to their Consideration Posture means the Buyer is on high alert for Curated Expertise. In this state, they are also easily subject to Confusion Quicksand and Virtual Vertigo, conditions which Value Amplification prevents.

Deliver VIRTUAL™ with SELLING™

How to deliver VIRTUAL™ Value Amplification
with SELLING™, the 7 Practices of the Expert Buying Experience™
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