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Driver 4
Sales Hates Curating Expertise

The Coming Sales Crisis.

Driver 4: Sales Hates Curating Expertise

Sales Hates Curating Expertise: Driver 4 of the 4 Drivers of the Expert Buying Experience™ exposes the Failure of first-generation virtual selling; how the toxic prevalence of The Sales-centric Lie has metastasized the Commodity Buying Experience into a full scale Degraded Buying Experience for the Buyer; and how the Buyer is fully receptive to the Clearly Superior Alternative of the Expert Buying Experience™ in Expert Sellers smart enough to deliver it to them.

Failure of first-generation virtual selling

The Default Sales Approach is exposed.

Restrictive In-person Selling

The old favorite lives on.

Degraded Buying Experience

Amplifying The Sales-centric Lie.

The Coming Sales Crisis

Where The Sales-centric Lie is taking everyone.

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