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Burning Money Not Included

We put a lot into Our Sales Training.
Here's some stuff we left out.

You won’t miss these, will you?

Travel expense

$10,760 per team of 10
A plane ticket of $398, two nights hotel at $180 each night, two days car at $59 each, two days meals at $100 each is $1,076 per salesperson. Average costs are $5,380 for five salespeople. And $10,760 for 10 salespeople. Why spend it when you don't have to?

Opportunity Cost

$400,000 per team of 10
A $2,000,000 annual quota has to be sold in 2,000 work hours (40 hours per week x 50 weeks.) That's an average opportunity cost of $1,000 per hour ($2,000,000 quota divided by 2,000 work hours.) Take Sellers out of the field for two (2) days travel to and from a two (2) day in-person training event? That's four (4) days out of the field, the fifth day is hair on fire catch up, the week is a wash. Forty (40) hours X $1,000 per hour is $40,000 in opportunity cost per Seller. A staggering $400,000 in opportunity cost for a team of 10 Sellers. Again, why spend it when you don't have to?

"I forgot that part"

Implementation Barrier
Two days of in-person training is 16 hours of content to be implemented by each salesperson. If training is delivered at an average 100 Words per minute (WPM), that's 6,000 words per hour. Over 16 hours, that's 96,000 words of content. Enough to fill 384 pages. Cut it in half, it still leaves almost 200 pages of content for each salesperson to implement. Cut it in half, and in half again. It's still 50 pages of content to remember and implement. Keep cutting, because 80% of learning that is not immediately implemented, is forgotten within one week. And most salespeople can't remember more than one item from any training session 30 days later. How can they increase sales with training they forgot?

Are you here to grow sales?

We're here to help you do it, in the best way possible.

Sales growth means giving your Buyer the Expert Buying Experience™. It means selling how the Buyer wants to buy.

Open new doors. Close more deals. Fast.

We train Expert Sellers to master delivering the Expert Buying Experience™. We do it through virtual sessions. Training that delivers content for immediate use in live sales opportunities.

And we leave out the wasted money thing, which in-person sales training is famous for.

Our Customers don’t mind.

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