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No, just No.jpg

No. Just no.

We don't like to say no.
But it's easy with these questions.


  • Do you think in-person selling is dead?

  • Do we need to buy new equipment?

  • If we use VirtualSellingX™ is there pressure to upgrade?

  • Do we need to hire new people to use VirtualSellingX™?

Just no.

  • Is this another SaaS application?

  • Is this anything other than sales training and coaching?

  • Do we have to buy anything in order to use VirtualSellingX™?

  • Are we locked into long term contracts with VirtualSellingX™ Custom plans?

  • Is there any penalty if we wish to cancel any VirtualSellingX™ Custom plans?

  • Is VirtualSellingX™ difficult to learn?

  • Is there a big complex implementation period?

  • Do we have to stop VirtualSellingX™ Free if we buy a VirtualSellingX™ Custom plan?

  • We have salespeople and Subject Matter Experts; do they have to be in the same VirtualSellingX™ Custom plan?

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