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Learning the way they want.


The Buyer must learn exactly how and why this solution will solve their complex problem, and how it will solve it better than any other alternative, why it is the Clearly Superior Alternative. And then they must develop a vision for it, and support this vision to their staff, peers and leadership to achieve corporate acceptance. Understanding is the VirtualSellingX™ VIRTUAL™ Principle that the Buyer expects everything necessary to learn why this is the best solution to the problem will be explained in the Buyer's terms. The foundation of the Expert Buying Experience is the Buyers Cumulative Learning Experience, which they expect will be achieved by a high volume of relevant information created to enable their understanding, where that information is being intentionally designed, formatted and arranged for value, structure, and relevance. And built into a Solution Knowledge Model for analysis, sharing and review with all stakeholders for validation and consensus of the purchase.
Autonomous Value Articulation (AVA)
The Buyer gets it.
Autonomous Value Articulation means the Buyer has learned enough about the solution to be able to describe the proposed solution, on their own without the assistance of the Expert Seller. It is the vital first milestone in the Buyer's learning experience and is therefore the first meaningful target for the Expert Seller to achieve.
Buyers Equity Vision (BEV)
The Buyer wants it.
The Buyer has progressed from their Autonomous Value Articulation to learn sufficiently that the solution can markedly improve their lives with respect to the area of the business the solution serves. And that the solution can achieve improvements better than any other alternative under consideration. Curated Expertise is the only way to enable the Buyer to reach a Buyers Equity Vision for the solution and identify that solution as their Clearly Superior Alternative.
Corporate Objective ROI Acceptance (CORA)
The Buyer buys it.
Corporate Objective ROI Acceptance is the act of building consensus and support amongst the stakeholders in the decision that the solution will perform to the level needed to achieve the desired ROI. Corporate Objective ROI Acceptance is achieved when the Buyer shares their Buyers Equity Vision with their staff, peers and leadership to secure broad, proof-based consensus as to the value of the solution, which forms the basis of approval of the purchase of the solution.
Solution Knowledge Model
The single source of truth.
The Solution Knowledge Model is a portable document which contains the consolidated information necessary to justify the solution as the Clearly Superior Alternative. It is used for recording and sharing the information needed for analysis and stakeholder approval to purchase. This is instrumental in supporting the Buyer's progress through the learning experience from Autonomous Value Articulation (AVA) to Buyers Equity Vision (BEV) and on to Corporate Objective ROI Acceptance (CORA).

Deliver VIRTUAL™ with SELLING™

How to accomplish VIRTUAL™ Understanding
with SELLING™, the 7 Practices of the Expert Buying Experience™
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