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Being the Mission Partner.


Identity is the VirtualSellingX™ VIRTUAL™ Principle of what the Buyer thinks of when they think of you. Their preference is Mission Partner, a Expert Seller who is an expert in their own solution, and who knows how to curate that expertise to the Buyer's problem. A Expert Seller who proves it by means of a process for working with them to fully understand their unique problem and by including Curated Expertise in all communications to the Buyer.
Curated Expertise
What the Buyer needs.
Gone is the desire to consider endless rambling and feature lists or data dumps by Subject Matter Experts. The Buyer wants Curated Expertise: specialized solution knowledge filtered, organized, and customized for the specific Buyer and especially for the problem the Buyer is interested in solving. This is the information the Buyer wants, as it is critical to the Buyers accomplishing their mission.
Curated Expertise Expectation
What they expect.
The Buyer expects the Expert Seller is expert in their own solution, and knows how to curate that expertise to the Buyer's problem so the Buyer can learn why their solution is the Clearly Superior Alternative. They expect communications from the Expert Seller to be founded on solution expertise curated for the Buyer's problem and that requests for additional Incremental Consideration will be founded on that same thing: Curated Expertise.
Exponential Curated Expertise
Greater than the sum of its parts.
The best kind of expertise exists when Expertise has passed through successive iterations between Expert Seller and Buyer. When initial ideas have been further built upon with additional information as it becomes available, or as additional experts weigh in or as successive learning takes place; any or all of which drive further curation of expertise on top of already curated expertise.
Private, Proprietary, Perishable
Buyers need Expert Sellers.
Private, Proprietary and Perishable describes the Solution information the Buyer requires the Expert Seller to curate into expertise for their specific problem. This information is not available to the Buyer as it is Private, internal to the Expert Seller's company. It is Proprietary, written broadly and not in the Buyer's own language. And it is Perishable, subject to being updated or obsolete. For all of these reasons the Buyer needs the Expert Seller's consistent Curated Expertise.
Mission Partner
Who the Buyer wants a Relationship with.
The Mission Partner consistently rewards their Buyer's Consideration Posture with Curated Expertise delivered through the Expert Buying Experience™. By consistently curating expertise for their Buyer the Expert Seller performs a vital service. Supporting their Clearly Superior Alternative Mandate the Expert Seller acts as an extension of the Buyer, Breaking Botheration and helping them achieve their Mission as an actual Partner in it.
Buyer-Wins Investment
How to be a Mission Partner.
Buyer-Wins Investment describes the commitment to delivering Buyer-Wins Outcomes by the practice of anticipating the future needs of the Buyer, and investing to deliver, or to be ready to deliver that value to the Buyer before the Buyer requests it or even knows they need it. When the Expert Seller works to curate expertise, prior to the Buyer asking them to, they are making this valuable Buyer-Wins Investment for their Buyer, something their sales-centric counterparts never will do.

Deliver VIRTUAL™ with SELLING™

How to support VIRTUAL™ Identity
with SELLING™, the 7 Practices of the Expert Buying Experience™
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