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The Buyer's Buying Journey.


Complex problems are not solved in a single sitting, nor is the Buyer buying experience an event or one-call close. Buyers are carrying out comprehensive analysis and expect to have their needs anticipated and met at each stage of their consideration of the solution by the Expert Seller representing that solution. Transformation is the VIRTUAL™ Principle that the Buyer expects the Expert Seller will readily align their sales effort to match, participate in, and enhance the Buyer’s buying process (NEXUS™) by intuitively anticipating, supporting and informing that process; breaking Botheration and earning the Slipstream Effect™. Matching what the Buyer needs to learn at each point is the transformation from uncertainty to conviction required for the Buyer to learn why a solution is the best for their problem and means there is an Expert Seller knowing and anticipating what the Buyer needs before they need it.
The Buyer buying journey.
The Buyer NEXUS™ is the general stages of the Buyer problem solving process. In Need the Primary Problem Initiative is defined, and the decision to handle it internally, or to go outside. The EPIC is next where the Expert Problem Identification Conversation begins with the Expert Seller. X is the crossover where a strong preference for their Clearly Superior Alternative is known. Unify begins the pursuit of broad acceptance in their company for their Clearly Superior Alternative. Secure is where the Buyer purchases the Clearly Superior Alternative and begins implementation.
VirtualSellingX™ Slipstream Effect™
The dream of every Expert Seller.
The VirtualSellingX™ Slipstream Effect™ is created by the Buyer's conditioned response to receiving the Expert Buying Experience™. This response is to recognize the Expert Seller as a Mission Partner, and use them as a valuable resource in their buying journey (NEXUS™). The Buyer either consistently initiates next steps, or is highly receptive to them when suggested by the Expert Seller, or both. The Expert Seller experiences being pulled into and through the Buyer buying process, rather than having to push a reluctant Buyer through a sales process.
Apathetic Competitive Consideration
Your competitor's worst nightmare.
Apathetic Competitive Consideration is when the Buyer is performing a perfunctory or administrative task in considering the competitor, as they have already decided on an alternative as the Clearly Superior Alternative, and the Virtual Value Wall for the Clearly Superior Alternative is too high for a competitor to get over.

Deliver VIRTUAL™ with SELLING™

How to achieve VIRTUAL™ Transformation
with SELLING™, the 7 Practices of the Expert Buying Experience™
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