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Probable Incremental Value.


True Relationship isn't found or built in coffees or lunches, in dinners or ballgames. Relationship is the willingness of the Buyer to spend more time with the Expert Seller offering Incremental Consideration. Buyers only do this if they believe they will receive value, if the Probable Incremental Value is high enough to be worth the price of the Incremental Consideration requested. Buyers are in Relationship when they have consistent experiences in which they are more aware of the value from the experience, than the costs in time and consideration to have it. The Buyer is always willing to open a Relationship with a Expert Seller who maintains the Identity of Mission Partner. The VirtualSellingX™ VIRTUAL™ Principle that the Buyer expects their Mission Partner to know that Relationship is the willingness of the Buyer to spend more time with them offering Incremental Consideration. And that the Buyer will be shown clear justification of the value of the next step, where such value is received by the Buyer even if no further steps are taken.
Incremental Consideration
What sales needs from the Buyer.
Incremental Consideration is the attention given by the Buyer to an offering of information. This is vital to the Expert Seller as consideration is necessary to being selected as the Clearly Superior Alternative, the Best Solution to the Problem. There is no discount for "quick chats." Incremental Consideration can be expensive; $5,000 or more in opportunity cost alone for one hour of time. That's what one hour is worth to a Buyer with a $10,000,000 annual responsibility ($10,000,000 / 2,000 work hours per year.) Incremental Consideration must be earned, and justified with an expectation of value each time it is requested.
Incremental Value
What the Buyer needs from sales.
Incremental Value is the benefit received by the Buyer in return for their Incremental Consideration. Incremental Value is the answer to the question: did the Buyer get the return they wanted for the time they spent and the cost they incurred? Incremental is an important distinction. Incremental means for this particular Buyer at this point in time, the value was sufficient to constitute a good return, and it goes to the Expert Seller's credit with the Buyer.
Probable Incremental Value
The Relationship sales needs.
Probable Incremental Value is the Buyer believes the benefits to be received from further Incremental Consideration are much higher than the costs of that Incremental Consideration. The basis for this belief comes from the last time the Buyer granted Incremental Consideration to this Expert Seller. Was Incremental Value received? Then, combined with the value in the request itself, the Probable Incremental Value is high, and Incremental Consideration is usually granted.
The Muck
The sale is going nowhere.
The MUCK is when the Buyer is in a position of uncertainty regarding the value of granting Incremental Consideration, but certain regarding the costs of their Incremental Consideration. Merit Unknown / Costs Known (MUCK). Whether it be in the meeting itself, or by phone or by email, when what is most clear about what the salesperson is asking is that it will take time, and that the Probable Incremental Value is unknown, is when that request is MUCK, and is not likely to be granted.
True Friendship
A friend indeed.
Sellers often claim to be "friends" with their Buyers and aren't. Too often leaving Buyers to wonder; why doesn't my "friend" bring me value instead of offering me lunch and asking for the order? True friendships are maintained by the Expert Seller who delivers consistent Incremental Value. The Expert Seller who makes the Buyer-Wins Investment to deliver the Buyer-Wins Outcome. The Expert Seller who protects the friendship by acting as if it doesn’t exist when it comes to being measured on the value they bring.
Incremental Justification
Why the Buyer continues or bails out.
Incremental Justification is the Buyer practice of assessing the Return for their Consideration to date, and the Probable Incremental Value to come from additional Incremental Consideration. The sales-centric seller may just have had a "great meeting", only to find the Buyer does not answer a communication again except to say they have decided for another Alternative. This is because the Buyer has weighed that last "great meeting" against all the other not so great meetings and decided enough is enough. Smart Expert Sellers ensure that every meeting, every communication, delivers Incremental Value to the Buyer for the Incremental Consideration they had to give to consume that information.

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