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Know what your team needs before you start.

Give yourself the value of insight. Answer the question "What exactly does my team need?" to sell more, and sell faster, in the best way possible.

The VirtualSellingX™ Assessment delivers strategic insight along four main areas of Meeting Design and Meeting Delivery, Productivity and Messaging.

Each assessment will render each individual salesperson's total capacity score, with drill down into components of the score by deep category. Each individual salesperson's scores will also be included with the rest of your team in a combined team format.

The VirtualSellingX™ Assessment is highly actionable, with specific improvements to pursue presented so as to be intuitively obvious.

Use the results to guide your team, inform your management, and structure your VirtualSellingX™ training program.


per person

Training Plans
From $299 per user per month.

Custom Training Subscriptions.

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