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The Problem

4 Drivers of the Expert Buying Experience™

4 Drivers of the Expert Buying Experience™

Sales is trapped in the Sales-centric Lie. And the Buyer hates it.
Sales is committed to a generic approach, at scale. But, Buyers are conditioned to a good experience, everywhere they go. They learn through the Information Buying Experience. They buy through the Utility Buying Experience. But when they need Curated Expertise to learn which solution is the best solution to their problem, they still have to suffer through the Commodity Buying Experience. Its why the Buyer loves the Expert Buying Experience™. In the Expert Buying Experience™ the Buyer gets the expertise they need in the experience they want. Give it to them. Because odds are, your competitor isn't. Odds are, your competitor is still acting like its circa 1990. Still trying to take half the day to show up in-person. Still using the interrupting, chasing, hounding, objection handling, negotiating and closing techniques that Buyers hate. And Technology? Sales uses it to automate Buyer punishment. Towering sales stacks. Endless cadences. Buyers show they hate the experience by slowing down, limiting or refusing consideration altogether. But sales doesn’t seem to notice. Most of the sales profession lives under the Sales-centric Lie: the delusion that sales-centric strategy and technique, technology and automation, will compensate for delivering a Buying Experience the Buyer hates. But Buyers want high value content, in a high value buying experience. Sales needs to comply or become irrelevant. The 4 Drivers of the Expert Buying Experience™ leave no choice.

Driver 1

Curating Expertise is Survival
The Race for Success.

Driver 2

Buying is Curating Expertise
How the Buyer buys.

Driver 3

Curating Expertise is Virtual
Just like everything else.

Driver 4

Sales Hates Curating Expertise
The Coming Sales Crisis.
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