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How Will You Sell More?

Its not easy.

How will you sell more?

​How will you help your Buyer learn that yours is the best solution to their problem, in the way they want to learn it? Because before they buy it, they have to learn why your solution is the best, why it’s the Clearly Superior Alternative.  And its going to take them time to learn that. More than one meeting, more than one communication and if they stop, it’s over.  So how do you help them learn, and keep them wanting to learn, why your solution is the best solution to their problem? Most other sales training programs say to just deliver the Commodity Buying Experience: where the Buyer is forced to invest time and energy, constrained in a sales-centric sales process, to negotiate with the salesperson to deliver the solution expertise to learn why a solution is the best one for their problem. These programs teach techniques like Hyper-Spamming, objection handling, negotiating and closing to deal with the fact that the Buyer doesn’t like the experience.  This is the Sales-centric Lie: the delusion that sales-centric strategy and technique, technology and automation, will compensate for delivering a Buying Experience the Buyer hates. ​But it isn't true. The fact is that if the Buyer likes an experience, they continue it, if they don’t, they stop. And the Buyer is already conditioned to get the information they want, in the way they want it, 1,000 times every day.  In this Information Buying Experience the Buyer willingly buys information with the currency of their consideration, through their phone, through their computer.  If the information meets their expectations, they give their consideration. If it doesn’t, they leave.  Companies like Google prove this by monetizing this Buyer consideration.  Companies like Amazon leverage this further to deliver a reliable, flip-the-switch Utility Buying Experience.  This Utility Buying Experience uses the Information Buying Experience to enable the Buyer to first, identify a Clearly Superior Alternative to their problem with minimal botheration, and second, to purchase it, both from a single source.  28% of Amazon sales are Buyers who both identify what they want and purchase it in under 3 minutes. Faster, Easier, Cheaper. Its why the Buyer buys everything they can through the Utility Buying Experience.  But they can't buy everything they need. To solve business problems, complex problems, the Buyer needs expertise.  Not just data dumps from Subject Matter Experts, but solution expertise curated for the Buyer's specific problem. So they can learn why any solution is best - for their specific complex problem. Why it’s the Clearly Superior Alternative – for them.  Its why the Buyer needs the Expert Seller.     Its why the Buyer needs you. But needing you does not mean the Buyer wants to go back to the old days. It doesn’t mean they want to hack off half their day to host an in-person meeting with you. It doesn’t mean they want to struggle, negotiate, wrestle through the Commodity Buying Experience for the privilege of learning why your solution is the best solution to their problem.   So again, how will you help your Buyer learn that yours is the best solution problem, in the way that they want, until they do? We recommend you do it by delivering the Expert Buying Experience™ they want. We created VirtualSellingX™ to help you do that. And you can use it free.
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