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The Coming Sales Crisis

Where The Sales-centric Lie is taking everyone.
The Coming Sales Crisis
The Coming Sales Crisis is when Sales Burn-out meets Buyer Shutout. When the reluctance of the salesperson to carry out activities which they know to be of zero value to the Buyer, meets the Buyer's technological ability to block all sales-centric approaches. At this point, the Sales Crisis will be here. No one will be able to conduct sales-centric approaches as they simply will not work. The sales profession last best hope is to get out and ahead of that day by adopting the delivery of a Buyer-Wins Buying Experience; the Expert Buying Experience™.
Buyer Shutout
Buyer Shutout is when the Buyer's desire to ban all sales-centric approaches is met by the technological capability to do so. When they can flip a switch and all such sales approaches are blocked and eliminated before ever being seen, let alone considered, by the Buyer. Think ChatGPT-like capabilities intercepting and eliminating all spam out on the edge, before it ever reaches the Buyer. Automatically posting legal advice to the sender and filing complaints on consistent over abusers. The complete elimination of the wretched costs of the sales-centric approach on the Buyer. Happy days for them. Not so much for the Hyper-Spammers.
Sales Burn-out
Sales Burnout occurs when the breakdown in the willingness and or ability of the salesperson to carry out activities which the Buyer rejects, and which the salesperson themselves know to be of zero value to that Buyer. As one SDR said recently on using ChatGPT "Why would I take an hour composing something the Buyer doesn’t want to read anyway?" The burden placed on the SDR to push out content they know is garbage forces them to quit their jobs at the highest rate in sales.
Involuntary Consideration Posture
Involuntary Consideration Posture is the attention the Buyer is forced to give to unsolicited content (email, phone, voicemail.) The Consideration Posture is Involuntary because the Buyer must give it, to ensure the communication is not related to a client, staff, peers or leadership, or otherwise materially affecting their business.
Involuntary Consideration Posture Resentment
Involuntary Consideration Posture Resentment is the animosity experienced by the Buyer after having been put into an Involuntary Consideration Posture needlessly by sales-centric content. This is an expression of the intensity with which they typically are working, the value they place on their ability to focus, and their willingness to be free of sales-centric Botheration.
Involuntary Consideration Posture Overload
Involuntary Consideration Posture Overload is the cumulative debilitating effect on the Buyer of repeated unsolicited sales-centric content. It increases their motivation to invest more effort into counter-measures such as phone number blocking, labeling senders as spam and logo banning. As this Overload increases, the time and effort the Buyer is willing to invest in preventing it from occurring again also increases, yearning for the technology to enable the Buyer Shutout.
Logo Banning
Logo Banning is the Buyer counter-measure which invokes key word spam filtering of the entire company. Using key words related to its brand, they are able to effectively unsubscribe-forever. A fit response to sales-centric sellers Hyper-Spamming under the Bad Actor Syndrome, using multiple domains to trick normal spam filters.
Unsubscribe Forever Rate
The Unsubscribe Forever Rate is the rate at which Buyer recipients of any Hyper-Spamming campaign respond with Logo Banning. This rate does not have any observable metric with which to add it to the Dashboard of Failure. How many Chief Revenue Officers would want to present them if they could? However, Logo Banning is occurring as a necessary Buyer counter-measure to escape the consistent Ignorant Needless Exploitative Penalty Tax (INEPT) being levied on them.
The Opportunity
Every time the Buyer has a need for a salesperson to deliver expertise that the Buyer cannot get on their own, that Buyer must submit to the hated Commodity Buying Experience, now the Degraded Buying Experience. This presents an opportunity for the Expert Seller who instead delivers the expertise the Buyer needs in an experience the Buyer wants. To the Buyer they become an instant Clearly Superior Alternative. In every sales situation they are in. For the Expert Seller who recognizes this, they will enjoy being made a Dominant Value Provider by their Buyers.
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