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Welcome to the Show

You've Invested in a Big Show.
Don’t leave its success to chance.

Will Your Plan Cut It?

How will you get Buyers to your Booth?

Every exhibitor wants them, too.
Buyers arrive at the show with a plan and lots of options. How will you ensure a visit to your booth is part of it?

How will you keep Buyers at your booth?

Thrill them fast, or lose them.
How will you ensure Buyers are excited by what they see, and spend quality time to visit with you?

How will you follow up after the show?

And why will they want you to?
Buyers will leave the show and go back to work. What is your plan to stay engaged with them?

VirtualSellingX™ Sales Training Can Help

Get Buyers to Your Booth

Meet virtually before the show.
Curate your expertise in email, phone and virtual meetings so they can't wait to visit your booth.

Keep Buyers at Your Booth

Buyers are here to buy.
Plan to thrill them, engage them with an agenda, learn what they want with questions they love to answer.

Turn Booth Visits into Deals

Follow up to seal the deal.
Design and implement a robust campaign of follow up with your Buyers. One they like and respond to.

Our Training is Virtual

No Travel Just Instant Awesome.
Our virtual training is designed for instant application with Assets, ready for use in your sales effort.

Just a Few of Our
VirtualSellingX™ Custom Training Titles

Flooding Your Booth With Interested Buyers
Set Appointments To Visit Your Booth
Meeting Virtually Before The Show
Scheduling Buyer Traffic to Your Booth
Building Relationship Before The Show
They Can't Wait To Visit Your Booth
Holding Great Meetings At Your Booth
Micro Agendas For Booth Meetings
Letting Buyers Tell You Everything
Book Meetings For After The Show
Set Meetings At Your Booth, Suite, Or Event
Closing The Deal In The Booth
Setting Meetings After The Show
Holding Great Meetings After The Show
Proving Yours is the Clearly Superior Alternative
Closing The Deal In The Field
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Ann Leveille CEO Virtual Selling Sales Training Company Kevin Leveille, Chief Sales Office
Ann Leveille, CEO and Co-founder 
Office phone: (404) 566-9266

Kevin Leveille, Chief Sales Officer and Co-founder 
Mobile: (404) 205-0075
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