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Deliver VIRTUAL™ with SELLING™

How to achieve VIRTUAL™ Relationship
with SELLING™, the 7 Practices of the Expert Buying Experience™


Meeting Design for Incremental Value.

SHOWCASE™ designs Incremental Value into the meeting through ENTERTAINER™ Agenda Design.


Micro-stages to deliver Incremental Value.

The ENDEARMENT™ Practice allows for the delivery of high levels of Incremental Value in defined micro-stages such as the Net10 and the Dreamscape.


Incremental Value through Meeting Delivery.

Talk Tides is the LIVEAction™ Method of engaging in conversation paths which the Buyer sees high value in, and in questions Buyers love to answer.


Buyers from first contact with LOGICAL™.

The Buyer receives high Incremental Value through the precise customization of the message; it’s the whole purpose of LOGICAL™ Message Design.


Constant Value Presence™ in Relationship.

True Relationship is based on Incremental Value; InterSelling™ works by increasing Probable Incremental Value of the upcoming meeting before it begins.


Using NEARNESS™ to deliver Incremental Value.

NATURAL™ delivers the Evident Time Cost through the Town Crier, and isolation of value to deliver the Incremental Value the Buyer wants from their Relationship.


High Incremental Value with GENERATE™.

Utilizing the Instant Replay Advantage, the Expert Seller can prepare fully for the delivery of Incremental Value in the upcoming meeting.


Probable Incremental Value.

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