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Deliver VIRTUAL™ with SELLING™

How to accomplish VIRTUAL™ Understanding
with SELLING™, the 7 Practices of the Expert Buying Experience™


Buyer learning with Meeting Design.

SHOWCASE™ designs the meeting around the Learning Experience, with SHOWCASE™ STORY™ to make it all make sense.


Use micro-stages for Buyer learning.

ENDEARMENT™ paces Buyer learning from Autonomous Value Articulation (AVA) to Buyers Equity Vision (BEV) to Corporate Objective ROI Acceptance (CORA).


Meeting Delivery which enables learning.

Virtual Cues equips the Expert Seller to identify the Buyer's signals for clarification, for more detail, or for questions to ensure the Buyer gets the answers they need to learn why your solution is the best solution to their problem.


Message Design which helps Buyers learn.

LOGICAL™ LESSON™ designs the entire message into a high value learning experience for the Buyer.


Using Constant Value Presence™ for learning.

Never Follow Up, Offer Up! Each communication is an opportunity to curate expertise for the Buyer's specific problem, to Offer Up value. Never simply Follow Up.


Enhance Buyer learning with NEARNESS™.

ANCHOR™ brings specificity to the learning experience with completeness, exactness and descriptive references.


Maintain Buyer learning with GENERATE™.

GENERATE™ Numbers delivers the data informed foundation of the Buyer learning experience.


Learning the way they want.

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