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Deliver VIRTUAL™ with SELLING™

How to manage VIRTUAL™ Love
with SELLING™, the 7 Practices of the Expert Buying Experience™


Meeting Design and Emotional tone.

SHOWCASE™ enables the confidence that only total meeting preparation delivers.


Micro-stages and positive emotional tone.

Delivering exactly what this particular Buyer needs at this point in time allows the Expert Seller to relax and convey enjoyment of the experience.


Maintain emotional tone with Meeting Delivery.

Eye Contact delivers the skills needed to meet and keep Eye Contact in the virtual meeting, to establish the fundamental experience of trust throughout the meeting.


Initiating positive emotional tone with LOGICAL™.

LEARN™ invokes the love of the Buyer in the very first step of the LOGICAL™ Message Design Practice.


Delivering the emotional tone with InterSelling™.

The InterSelling™ Practices of GETBACK™ and GETIN™ enable the Expert Seller to deliver an enjoyable, pleasant campaign of value to the Buyer.


Setting the emotional tone with NEARNESS™.

ENTICE™ reinforces positive emotional tone with messaging which enjoys, compliments, and teaches the Buyer.


Positive emotional tone with GENERATE™.

GENERATE™ Goals brings the Expert Sellers best self to the commitment and dedication of delivering the Expert Buying Experience™.


The Professional Emotional Tone.

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