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Delivering VIRTUAL™

How the LIVEAction™ Practice delivers
the 7 Principles of the Expert Buying Experience™

Value Amplification

The Buyer demands Value Amplification.

LIVEAction™ Image delivers the high quality visual and audio experience the Buyer expects and presents the experience they need in the state of Accelerated Cognition they want.


The Buyer wants Curated Expertise.

CLIENT™ Live enables the Expert Seller to curate expertise live, turning any information shared by the Buyer into expertise curated instantly for this particular Buyer at this point in time.


The Buyer accepts only true Relationship.

Talk Tides is the LIVEAction™ Method of engaging in conversation paths which the Buyer sees high value in, and in questions Buyers love to answer.


The Buyer expects Transformation.

Agenda DEPLOY™ is the LIVEAction™ Method which anticipates and guides the Buyer to an experience of Transformation from problem to solution.


The Buyer must get Understanding.

Virtual Cues equips the Expert Seller to identify the Buyer's signals for clarification, for more detail, or for questions to ensure the Buyer gets the answers they need to learn why your solution is the best solution to their problem.

Accelerated Ideation

The Buyer loves Accelerated Ideation.

LIVEAction™ LIKE™ enables the Expert Seller to hold conversations Buyers love in the virtual meeting, encouraging the Buyer to engage in Accelerated Collaboration through articulation and refining of multiple attractive ideas and options, with Instant Point Clarity and Constant Point Clarity.


Buyers require a positive emotional tone.

Eye Contact delivers the skills needed to meet and keep Eye Contact in the virtual meeting, to establish the fundamental experience of trust throughout the meeting.


How to Deliver Awesome Meetings.

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