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Deliver VIRTUAL™ with SELLING™

How to support VIRTUAL™ Identity
with SELLING™, the 7 Practices of the Expert Buying Experience™


Building your Identity with Meeting Design.

Curating Expertise is accomplished for the meeting through SHOWCASE™ CLIENT™ NOTICE™.


Curating Expertise through micro-stages.

ENDEARMENT™ anticipates the creation of Curated Expertise in micro-stages to perfectly match this particular Buyer at this point in time.


Accelerated Curation through Meeting Delivery.

CLIENT™ Live enables the Expert Seller to curate expertise live, turning any information shared by the Buyer into expertise curated instantly for this particular Buyer at this point in time.


Curating Expertise in Message Design.

Curated Expertise is delivered through CLIENT™ qualification and the LOGICAL™ CURATE™ Method.


Identity and Constant Value Presence™.

Curated Expertise includes the personal, one to one, timing of message delivery which InterSelling™ is designed for.


Enhancing Identity with NEARNESS™.

SERVICE™ uses the language of a Mission Partner to complement the delivery of solution expertise curated for the Buyer's problem.


Maximizing Curated Expertise with GENERATE™.

GENERATE™ EVALUATE™ uses the Buyer's Own Words™ to accelerate the creation of Curated Expertise.


Being the Mission Partner.

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