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The Buyer's Own Words™

The truth about what's important.
The Buyer's Own Words™
An engaged Buyer will speak 5,000 words in a one hour meeting. Sometimes at 200 words per minute. That's well over 20 pages of content.

What do you do with them?

Most salespeople report their recollection, their memory, of the highlights of those words. And discard the rest.

The Buyer's Own Words™ are the actual words of the Buyer spoken in response to the Expert Buying Experience™ delivered by the Expert Seller, not your typical sales call exchange, and captured in the Buyer-consented recording.

And more than words spoken in a typical sales scenario, these words are of extreme high value, as they contain detailed Buyer preferences, articulated carefully and precisely, being intentionally prompted, nurtured, and leveraged by the Expert Seller, who delivers the Expert Buying Experience™ through the 7 Practices of VirtualSellingX™.

VirtualSellingX™ puts the Buyer's Own Words™ at the center of the sales effort and as the source of truth, and foundation for the creation of a Clearly Superior Alternative, and delivery to the Buyer of the Expert Buying Experience™.
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