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Delivering VIRTUAL™

How the NEARNESS™ Practice delivers
the 7 Principles of the Expert Buying Experience™

Value Amplification

The Buyer demands Value Amplification.

The NEARNESS™ Practice overcomes Remoteness in virtual selling to achieve total Value Amplification.


The Buyer wants Curated Expertise.

SERVICE™ uses the language of a Mission Partner to complement the delivery of solution expertise curated for the Buyer's problem.


The Buyer accepts only true Relationship.

NATURAL™ delivers the Evident Time Cost through the Town Crier, and isolation of value to deliver the Incremental Value the Buyer wants from their Relationship.


The Buyer expects Transformation.

REALITY™ delivers Transformation by establishing credibility and utilizing real world references, experiences of commonality, and by offerings of service.


The Buyer must get Understanding.

ANCHOR™ brings specificity to the learning experience with completeness, exactness and descriptive references.

Accelerated Ideation

The Buyer loves Accelerated Ideation.

NEARNESS™ ENDOW™ is messaging to get to it and give a lot of nonstop value to trigger Accelerated Ideation.


Buyers require a positive emotional tone.

ENTICE™ reinforces positive emotional tone with messaging which enjoys, compliments, and teaches the Buyer.


How to Overcome Remoteness.

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