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Delivering VIRTUAL™

How the InterSelling™ Practice delivers
the 7 Principles of the Expert Buying Experience™

Value Amplification

The Buyer demands Value Amplification.

InterSelling™ delivers Value Amplification between and before meetings through the concept of INTERVAL™ timed delivery.


The Buyer wants Curated Expertise.

Curated Expertise includes the personal, one to one, timing of message delivery which InterSelling™ is designed for.


The Buyer accepts only true Relationship.

True Relationship is based on Incremental Value; InterSelling™ works by increasing Probable Incremental Value of the upcoming meeting before it begins.


The Buyer expects Transformation.

OPEN GATE™ delivers an experience of Transformation by delivering Curated Expertise to the Buyer on an unexpected schedule.


The Buyer must get Understanding.

Never Follow Up, Offer Up! Each communication is an opportunity to curate expertise for the Buyer's specific problem, to Offer Up value. Never simply Follow Up.

Accelerated Ideation

The Buyer loves Accelerated Ideation.

InterSelling™ is knowing the timing of Message Delivery is as vital to an experience of Accelerated Ideation as is the content.


Buyers require a positive emotional tone.

The InterSelling™ Practices of GETBACK™ and GETIN™ enable the Expert Seller to deliver an enjoyable, pleasant campaign of value to the Buyer.


How to Sell Between Meetings.

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