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Delivering VIRTUAL™

How the GENERATE™ Practice delivers
the 7 Principles of the Expert Buying Experience™

Value Amplification

The Buyer demands Value Amplification.

GENERATE™ brings the Expert Seller focus and consistency in delivering Value Amplification to their Buyers.


The Buyer wants Curated Expertise.

GENERATE™ EVALUATE™ uses the Buyer's Own Words™ to accelerate the creation of Curated Expertise.


The Buyer accepts only true Relationship.

Utilizing the Instant Replay Advantage, the Expert Seller can prepare fully for the delivery of Incremental Value in the upcoming meeting.


The Buyer expects Transformation.

GENERATE™ Analysis enables the design of the Right Strategy Every Time for the Buyer's NEXUS™.


The Buyer must get Understanding.

GENERATE™ Numbers delivers the data informed foundation of the Buyer learning experience.

Accelerated Ideation

The Buyer loves Accelerated Ideation.

GENERATE™ Educate supplies the professional expertise needed for the Accelerated Collaboration and Accelerated Curation of Accelerated Ideation.


Buyers require a positive emotional tone.

GENERATE™ Goals brings the Expert Sellers best self to the commitment and dedication of delivering the Expert Buying Experience™.


How to Supercharge Your Selling.

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