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Delivering VIRTUAL™

How the ENDEARMENT™ Practice delivers
the 7 Principles of the Expert Buying Experience™

Value Amplification

The Buyer demands Value Amplification.

The ENDEARMENT™ Practice structures each micro-stage for maximum Value Amplification for the Buyer's total Expert Buying Experience™.


The Buyer wants Curated Expertise.

ENDEARMENT™ anticipates the creation of Curated Expertise in micro-stages to perfectly match this particular Buyer at this point in time.


The Buyer accepts only true Relationship.

The ENDEARMENT™ Practice allows for the delivery of high levels of Incremental Value in defined micro-stages such as the Net10 and the Dreamscape.


The Buyer expects Transformation.

ENDEARMENT™ has two (2) micro-stages for each stage of the Buyer NEXUS™, anticipating and guiding the Buyer's Expert Buying Experience™.


The Buyer must get Understanding.

ENDEARMENT™ paces Buyer learning from Autonomous Value Articulation (AVA) to Buyers Equity Vision (BEV) to Corporate Objective ROI Acceptance (CORA).

Accelerated Ideation

The Buyer loves Accelerated Ideation.

Micro-stages allow the Expert Seller to structure Accelerated Collaboration and Accelerated Curation in managed intervals.


Buyers require a positive emotional tone.

Delivering exactly what this particular Buyer needs at this point in time allows the Expert Seller to relax and convey enjoyment of the experience.


How to Sell in Micro-Stages.

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