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Sales has Big Problems

And The Seller's Lie is to blame.

Sales has Big Problems
The last decade has seen the sales profession take a massive lurch towards technology and automation. SaaS productization of the sales effort has redefined what selling is. Sales now treats the Buyer as an accessory to the sale. As a target to be hyper-spammed into giving consideration, and demo'd into handing over their money. Simultaneously, the Buyer has assumed total actual control of the sale. Limiting access. Demanding proof. Making it harder than ever to sell and creating big problems for sales. But the really bad news is that these problems are being compounded and made much worse by how sales has responded to them.
The Not-Enough Problem
"Not-Enough" sucks.
Not-Enough sales are being made, because Not-Enough Buyers have learned why your solution is the best solution to their problem, because Not-Enough Buyers will let you tell them, because Not-Enough Buyers like the experience they get from your sales effort.
Sales doesn't get it.
Salespeople Transmit Opposing Priorities (STOP) when they are pushing an objective the Buyer doesn't have (close the deal) in a way the Buyer doesn't like (Default Sales Approach) causing the Buyer to limit, slow down or stop consideration altogether.
The Sales-centric Lie
Sales isn't even trying to get it.
The Sales-centric Lie is the delusion that sales-centric strategy and technique, technology and automation, will compensate for delivering a Buying Experience the Buyer hates. The Sales-centric Lie forces salespeople to Hyper-Spam the Buyer; a STOP that triggers Buyers to QUIT. And when Salespeople Transmit Opposing Priorities (STOP) long enough and hard enough, their poor results bring on Sales Burn-out. Sales Burnout is the breakdown in the willingness and or ability of the salesperson to carry out activities which the Buyer rejects, and which the salesperson themselves know to be of zero value to that Buyer. Which is why SDR's, the front line labor forced to deliver the toxic sales-centric experience to the Buyer, have the highest attrition rate in the profession.
The Buyer is ready to QUIT
Buyers vanish.
The Buyer is always ready to QUIT. To Question Usefulness, Interest, or Truth (QUIT). Identifying an Apparently Inferior Option is easy, and happens once the Buyer follows a conscious doubt concerning the practicality, significance, or validity of the expertise, and/or the experience which delivers it; and limits, slows down or stops consideration altogether.
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