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Accelerated Cognition

How the Buyer wants to learn.
Accelerated Cognition
Accelerated Cognition is the technology enabled state of mind to consider, understand, assign value and respond to high volumes of information easily, instantly and constantly. Accelerated Cognition is enabled by means of Screen Focus, Zero Overhead and Velocity Consumption. Today, we live on our phones, interacting, seeking and sending information through them. It may be a digital world, but the reason everyone loves it is because of what it gives us; Accelerated Cognition. In this digital world, we spend more of our time in a state of Accelerated Cognition than out of it. The ability to do so is the preference to do so. The viability of the sales profession depends on the ability of the Expert Seller to deliver more value to the Buyer. And to enable the Buyer to receive that value in a state of Accelerated Cognition.
Screen Focus
Screen Focus is the automatic concentration of attention on the focal point of the screen by virtue of the fact that the information does not appear anywhere else in the room. The phone, laptop, tablet, monitor. They're not domes, or spheres. They don’t require swiveling our heads, or even turning of pages. They sit, squarely in one place and serve the information we seek from that one place.
Zero Overhead
Zero Overhead is access to information without costs or impediment. No time, no effort. The information the Buyer seeks can be had instantly, for free. Just glance at their phone screen. Deep dive on their desktop. Zero Overhead is an inherently valuable characteristic as no administration is required to get to the information they seek. Meeting virtually is Zero Overhead; Zero Travel as Buyer can be anywhere, Zero Administration as no reservation of resources or rooms, and Zero Consideration for the host, come as you are, participate as you like.
Velocity Consumption
Velocity Consumption is the capability to absorb high volumes of digital or virtual content. With Screen Focus and Zero Overhead working together, the Buyer is able to concentrate, move readily from one subject to another, conduct deep dive research in seconds, start, stop, save, share, communicate, interact with high volumes of information. The ability to absorb high volumes of information is the final capability which enables Accelerated Cognition to assign value to that high volume of information.
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