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Ann Leveille and Kevin Leveille VirtualSellingX™ Virtual Selling Sales Training

Struggling to add virtual selling to your in-person sales effort?

VirtualSellingX™ is for Industrial Sellers.
Integrate virtual with in-person selling.
Open Doors. Close Deals. Faster.

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Turn Dead Air to Gold

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Dead air is the space between in-person meetings. When nothing is working for you and your competition is working against you.

InterSelling™ puts that time to work for you. It's just one of the seven practices in VirtualSellingX™.

Triple Your Access to Buyers

Meet Buyers in the morning. And again in the afternoon. Or the next day.

Amplify your in-person sales effort.

We help you integrate virtual selling with your In-person sales approach. Create massive momentum.  And keep your deals on track.
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Open New Doors

Decision-makers love virtual selling
Get virtual meetings when Buyers can't, or won't, give an in-person meeting.

See remote Buyers. Hard to reach Buyers. Buyers in competitive installs.

We'll train you to use email, phone and LinkedIn® to get more virtual meetings, and open more new doors.

Steal Your Competitor's Thunder

Your competition flew everyone in for that big meeting with your Buyer.  

Boot up Zoom® and meet immediately after they leave. Use VirtualSellingX™ and deflate their impact.

We'll show you how VirtualSellingX™ keeps competitors contained, closed down and shut out.
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Optimize Trade Shows

Pack your booth. Close more deals.

We'll train you to use VirtualSellingX™ leading up to the show. To build anticipation. To book appointments and get Buyers running to your booth. 

We'll show you how to use VirtualSellingX™ after the show to meet remote Buyers and close deals. 

Go Wide, go Deep.

Meeting every decision-maker in-person is tough. Some can't, other's won't. But all will meet virtually.

2 hours driving, or 10 hours flying. Saved. Every virtual meeting.

We'll work with you to use that time to sell more. Holding more meetings with Buyers. And closing more deals.
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Close Deals Faster

Buyers Like Fast.jpg
When Buyers need expertise, they want it fast not slow. And when they get it fast, Buyers move fast, buy fast.

We'll train you to design and deliver your expertise virtually. To thrill Buyers and close deals sooner, and faster.

Make it Easy for Buyers to Say "Yes" 

Buyers Demand Expertise

Industry Expertise 2.jpg
Buyers are under huge pressure to buy the best solution. They need your expertise, but don’t have much time for you to give it.

So between meetings, they forget. Competitors confuse. Interest cools. Deals derail. Selling virtually between in-person meetings fixes this.

But Virtual Selling is Different

But your team sells virtually, same as they sell in-person. It doesn't work.

Virtual is different. Conversations are different. Rapport is different. Questions are different. Presenting is different.

Everyone agrees virtual is different. But no one knows what to do about it. Until now.
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Give Your Sellers VirtualSellingX™ 

Give Sellers VirtualSellingX™.jpg
VirtualSellingX™ formats your approach for virtual. It enables your team to benefit from the virtual difference, not merely adjust to it.

Find the perfect combination of virtual and in-person selling. 

Use VirtualSellingX™ to open new doors, get more time with Buyers, and close more deals.

What Customers say

"Kevin delivers the training in an easy to understand, yet thought provoking manner. It is extremely well organized to the smallest detail. Kevin is always flexible and accommodating"

"Greatest sales approach in a century."

"I love it as it gives the strongest value to the Customer at the lowest cost to the Customer. I get to add 200% gains into my available time to sell."

"I now have a real good sense of how to act in front of the camera. Specially of what I am not suppose to do!"

"Kevin does a great Job presenting information in a unique manner to appeal to a well seasoned team. I look forward to the next session every week"

"Virtual Selling will allow us to grow our business more effectively and quickly, resulting in increased sales and revenue."

"The methodical, hyper analytical aspect of the modules. It has given me a whole new way of looking at the way to sell"

"Kevin is very likeable and professional. He has excellent communication skills and shows up well prepared for each lesson. He has adopted a personal training style that works well"

"Virtual selling offers many benefits such as eliminating costly expenses such as business development travel and office space."

Train Virtually. Sell More.

Our Virtual Selling Sales Training is delivered virtually, live, Instructor-Led.

Your Sellers stay in the field. They can instantly apply what they learn, to sell more, and faster.

No travel, no hotels. And best of all, no time taken out of the field.
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We Know Industrial Sales

We understand the challenges of the Industrial Seller. We built our careers selling to industry, and continue to.

We are a family owned business, and we are committed to helping your team to sell more in the best way possible; the way your Buyers want to buy.
Ann Leveille and Kevin Leveille VirtualSellingX™ from Virtual Selling Sales Training Compa
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